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Oct 12, 2012 6:30am EDT
're not the only ones pondering the concept, pea pod got the idea for the aisles from the technology overseas. the grocery list of apps is a growing market offering consumers from coupons to shopping lists. >>> get ready to pay more if you mail out any type of letters, starting in january a first class stamp will go up to 46 cents and up one penny. the postal service will maze the rates on priority mail services. the regulatory commission will review the prices and before it is effective. something new this year. and for 1.10. you can mail it anywhere in the world. >> hot topic for voters next month. one of the oldest civil rights group was they are saying about same-sex marriage. you made up your mind not to go to work. do you have an excuse? we'll tell you some of the most ridiculous excuses some bosses have heard. >>> and information on your mobile phone, you can get the temperature where you live in the neighborhood and you can track rain. that's what we're doing at the we have a game tonight against the yankees f you want the information just go to our app store and down load the app. i'
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1